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me yep, that's me.... sitting on some sort of turtle statue, at Chautauqua Institute.

I am currently a senior in high school, at Silver Creek Central School in Silver Creek, NY.  Never heard of it?  that's ok, i haven't either.  its a tiny village of barely 2000 inhabitants, and as you could guess, not the most exciting place to live.  which is why i resort to using my computer often.  i am taking college classes in addition to high school at Fredonia State University (again, its ok if you haven't heard of it).  i can't say at this point wether i feel like more of a high school student or a college student. i'd like to feel as a college student, because my high school is, well, high school, but i can't say i'm ready to say that yet.  i live at home with my parents and two sisters, two cats, and a dog.  and a turtle, i think.  speaking of my sister, she's got a few good pages.  check this one out:'s my life in a nutshell.  this page is intended to display some of my real thoughts, so i won't use up this page telling them to you.  to sum up my personality, i'd like to say that i'm not apathetic like most of my friends would say, but extremely agnostic and open-minded about (nearly) everything.  i try to keep an open mind about all subjects and look at both sides of every argument.  so... its not apathy. Well, that's a bit outdated. I'm now in college, at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana. Kind of a shitty place to live, but I love the school. I could write a book on how I've changed since I wrote that last bit. But anyway, perhaps more to come. Visit Rose Hulman's web site :)
Now even that's outdated. I've been in California for a few months at the time of this writing. Got a job. developin' software. that kinda stuff. anyway, i'll be in my sophomore (almost junior) year at rose soon.

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updated august 5, 1999 ce