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      Supernoodle's Atheism page

       Welcome to my atheism page.  This page is designed to share my ideas on religion, and my lack of it.  Many people ask me why I'm atheist, and I tell them that I'm a scientifically minded person, and as such, I believe things to be true if there is sufficient evidence.  To use christianity as an example, the only evidence that exists in favor of "god" existing is their bible, and the only proof of validity of the bible is that "god" says it is true.  That's circular logic, and definitely flawed.  I don't see any evidence for the existence of any supernatural diety, therefore, I don't believe.  And that's my basis of atheism in my life.
            One thing I'd like to clarify is that atheism is neither a religious disbelief of theism, nor is it anti-theism.  Theism, for those who don't know, is a belief in a god.  Atheism, then, is only a lack of belief in a god.  Not religion, not philosophy, just lack of belief in a god.  I do have some reservations about religion, and love to debate about it, so that is my point in this page.
            If anyone is interested in a good religious debate, stop by #atheism on Dalnet, on IRC.  For a good IRC client software, go to  .If anyone would like to discuss something about atheism (whether it's supportive or destructive), contact me by e-mail.

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